Skinlyzer is not just a website that collects cosmetic products; it's a skincare assistant that can track changes in your face over time and make suggestions for improvement with the help of artificial intelligence.

Skinlyzer is designed to help users better understand their skin and make informed decisions about their skincare routines. Using AI technology, the application analyzes the user's skin based on various factors such as skin type, age, ethnicity, and environmental conditions. It then provides personalized recommendations for skincare products and routines tailored to the user's unique needs.

To use the application, the user first creates a profile and answers a series of questions about their skin, including skin type, concerns, and skincare goals. Users can also upload a photo of their skin for the AI to analyze. Based on this information, the AI generates a personalized skincare plan, including product recommendations, a daily routine, and tips for maintaining healthy skin.

Skinlyzer also includes a feature that allows users to track their progress over time, with regular check-ins to monitor improvements in their skin. Additionally, the application offers educational resources and articles about skincare, enabling users to learn more about the science behind their routines.

Overall, Skinlyzer provides a convenient and personalized solution for anyone looking to enhance their skin health with the assistance of AI technology.

Team members
Attila Fábián
Attila Fábián
MSc. Chemist, cosmetic product developer, ex-patent examiner, software developer
I have been working as a cosmetic product developer for more than 10 years, and I would like to transfer my experience to the Skinlyzer site, which is not just a website, but a completely new approach to skin care.
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